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Staining Guys staining is an established company specializing in exterior wood restoration and protection, commonly known as sealing and staining. Our vision was to create a service with a very unique and specialized skill which offered a variety of solutions to deal with any exterior wood project. Today that vision remains the same. We have devoted countless hours of tested research to produce a high quality product to our clients. Along with our many techniques and services exclusive to our company, we are proud to deliver our service each and every season. Why do people hire us? People feel very comfortable with us and confident that we can get the job done right the first time. Our projects have a very distinctive and rich appearance. Our knowledge and delivery has exceeded the expectations of many clients, specifically those with previous experience dealing with other companies.

Our staff members are very friendly, personable, and honest. Along with quality, our team understands the importance of customer satisfaction. We're punctual, clean, and always have respect for your home and personal space. How much do we charge? Our prices are based on providing quality workmanship.

Wood Stain

Every project whether it be an old or new wood structure requires different procedures and applications. There is no "one size fits all" solution to staining, particularly with the array of unique products available on the market today.

Typically, you can expect that Staining Guys prices will be 15%-30% above the average quote because we don't cut any corners with quality, our projects last much longer and we're extremely reliable.

To arrange a consultation, please call or email us anytime. How far ahead in advance do we book our jobs? With the unpredictable weather changes it's never an exact science. When we start a project you can be assured that we don't over book and leave your project stranded. It's always best to call us well in advance and speak to one of our team members about availability to be sure that we can accommodate you.

Quality Guaranteed Wood Staining The mission of Staining Guys Staining is to provide a knowledgeable and experienced wood care service in which every client feels satisfied with a project that looks great and lasts long. Whether you have a new wood structure or peeling stain on your existing one, we specialize in all aspects of exterior wood. We offer a high quality product to our clients as well as providing a warranty to ensure them that we are fully responsible for the work that we do. We deliver on our promise to provide a professional, reliable and friendly service. We also provide unique custom designs with a variety of products and applications to meet your needs.

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